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He never dreamed of women, never sought their society, never felt the slightest sexual excitement in their presence, never idealized them. Such overstimulation must necessarily in some cases have an injurious influence on the boy’s immature nervous system. He is always driving at me about that: is that what Calamus means?because of me or in spite of me, is that what it means? In fact, I stood still, so that when I left I was backward in comparison with other boys of even less natural intelligence.

Psychological experiences are against it, and the possibility,which I have shown, of changing these impulses by experiment and soremoving their danger to the character of the individual. If it is thought that any authorityis needed to support this view, we can scarcely find a weightier than thatof Virchow, who repeatedly insisted on the right use of the wordanomaly, and who taught that, though an anomaly may constitute apredisposition to disease, the study of anomaliespathology, as he calledit, teratology as we may perhaps prefer to call itis not the study ofdisease, which he termed nosology; the study of the abnormal is perfectlydistinct from the study of the morbid.

The pleasure given by the ballet largely depends onthe same fact. It is needless to say that I was continually troubled by the customary sex phenomena: erotic dreams, loss of semen, troublesome erections at night, etc.

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Montgomery (The Courtship of Araneads, American Naturalist, March, 1910, p. 166), results from a combination of the state of desire for and fear of the female.

The first indications of inverted feeling were at the age of 6 or 7.

About this time wet dreams became inconveniently frequent; they would occur three or four times weekly, and resisted the stock remedies.

The emperor Theodosius, as far back as A.D.380, had called such heretics “insane and demented,” and the burning oftheir bodies at the stake which prevented their souls from falling intothe hands of the devil, was looked upon as a great and undeserved mercy. His relations with boys continued. (Helmholtz, On the Sensations of Tone, translated by A. J. Ellis, 1885, p.

I can only record my conviction that I do affect a large number, whether abnormally or not I don’t know, but I attract them and it would be easy for some of them to become very fond of me if I gave them a chance.